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How To Start A Spa Business

The spa business is set to grow about 22 billion between the years 2021-2025.

The boom in the spa business in recent times can be attributed to more people being into self care. A rise in wellness in spirituality, physical, and mindfulness. 

The expansion of the beauty industry in the last decade has also added to the spa business growth. The new beauty bosses of today help create interest in this industry. 

Here is what you need to do to start your own spa business.

Create a business plan 

After you are licensed or have taken the needed courses, before practicing services you need to create a business plan. 

Plan and design the logo that will represent your brand and business. What will your color palette be? The colors your brand will be know for example: McDonald’s colors are yellow and red. 

What will be it’s typography: the font ( writing). Pick a name for your spa business and make sure to check that the name isn’t in use and trademarked already. You can check the USPTO website to search the database for your business name. 

Decide on what services you will provide 

Choose which spa services you will offer to your customers. Whether skincare, massage care, and/or body treatments. 

Find where you will practice 

Research available spots to rent to practice in. Keep in mind what type of building you can afford within your budget, such as do you want to be independent in a suite, owning a full fledged spa salon, or perhaps you are not yet ready to be on your own and prefer to work in some else’s established salon. 

Renting a suite is cheaper than outright owning and running a full salon but offers individual privacy. Owning a full spa salon requires more business accounting skills and will require more money to keep in business. 

Take in consideration parking for future customers, and area foot traffic , such as is the building on a busy street. 

Register business 

Your business will not be recognized or fully yours unless you legalize it. Things you will need to do are 

  1. Decide on business structure: sole proprietorship, LLC, or S/C corporation.
  2. Business name 
  3. Register with the IRS- Get a business EIN (employment identification number)
  4. Register for State and Local agencies
  5. Get needed licenses and permits. 
  6. Acquire insurance 
  7. Business bank account: having a separate bank account will keep you from spending business funds from regular everyday funds.
  8. Taxes: pick a company to keep up with taxes. 

Buy equipment 

In order to practice you will of course need to buy the needed supplies. Here is a possible list of spa equipment you may need depending upon services you plan to offer. 

  1. Massage tables
  2. Linens
  3. Washer and dryer
  4. Hot towel warmers
  5. Storage
  6. Eye/face masks
  7. Massage oils, incense, candles, essential oils 
  8. Office equipment 
  9. Reception furniture 
  10. Esthetician tools
  11. Wax warmers 
  12. Hair removal lasers
  13. Exfoliating devices/pumice stones


After you have set up your spa business it’s time to get the word out to get customers. Today there are a number of ways to get your business notice. Here are some options.

Social media

The number one way to gain traffic to your business, set up an Instagram and Facebook account for your Spa detailing services you offer and how they will benefit the potential customer. 

Tiktok/IG reels are all the rage right now and is the fastest way to get eyes on your business. Create videos of you performing services, work space, products/services, etc for interest. 


Make sure you create a website for your business that customers can go to book appointments as well as buy products. Choose an email provider like Convertkit or MailChimp that customers can sign up for future deals, open appointments, and more. 


For added marketing, create physical marketing items like business cards to give. Or design pamphlets detailing your Spa’s services and info. These are great for getting the word out about your business when you are casually out and about. 

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