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Personal blog offering tips and advice on skincare, beauty, and experiences in the beauty industry while hopefully encouraging others to follow their own beauty dreams.

about me

shauna mumford


Hello, my name is Shauna and I created this blog as an outlet to my skincare career. In 2018 I began the first step into the beauty industry by going to Esthetician school. However, while I did complete all my school hours I only took one part of the State licensing test, so I didn’t get fully license that year. But this year I am starting back on my journey to be a fully license esthetician and finally fufill my beauty industry dreams. This blog will be my personal take on the beauty industry and I will be giving advice and tips on the lessons I learn in the school room and in the industry itself. I hope I can inspire someone to not give up on their own beauty dreams or maybe simply help someone with beauty tips. Thanks for reading Yours truly,

Shauna Mumford